Mick Taylor’s short jog

Mick Taylor’s story is a fascinating one. He joined the Rolling Stones after Brian Jones’ departure in ‘69 and then left at the apex of the band’s career in ‘74, after having contributed to a string of classic albums (Let It Bleed, Sticky Fingers, Exile On Main Street, Goat Heads Soup and It’s Only Rock N Roll). While a five-year run in rock n’ roll (with as many platinum records) seems like a career for most of the luckiest bastards out there, when yours was in the longest running band in the history of rock, that great run sadly ends up seeming more like a short jog; and when your pose-mates are muggin’ & grinnin’ Mick & Keith, you end up looking like an insecure slouch in all the classic photos. The Selvedge Yard presents a short piece on Taylor with some of those killer — albethey slouchy — photos of the baby-faced Taylor trying his damnedest to hang with the animals when probably all he wanted to do was play. “Just gimme a good guitar…”